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by Dana Lewu


Balcony tv, Zurich / November 2015.


The waves are coming back

Konstanz Lake, Germany / July 2015.



Venice, Italy / May 2016

Lose myself in you

Ibiza, Spain / September 2015.


For you

Open Mic show, Zürich / December 2016.



Dana Leeuwenburgh is born and raised in Winterswijk, a small town in the east of The Netherlands.
At the age of eleven she started playing a few tones on the guitar and made her first song.
From that moment a feeling inside told her that music would be always present in her life.

To develop this passion for music and creativity, Dana spend her childhood at the Waldorfschool, until the age of nineteen.

After high school she went to study music (direction 'Singer & songwriter') at the Artez Popacademy in Enschede, but because Dana always has been creating music by feeling, intuition and improvisation, the study was too theoretical for her and she decided to stop and continue at a more practical Academy called ‘Herman Brood Academy’.

In the following three years she developed herself by playing in various bands; from soul till rock, alternative pop till jazz and so on.

The last year she focused on her own music, which got more and more shape and character; mysterious, sometimes a bit dark atmosphere covered with dreamy melodies.

In june 2014 she performed with her band 'ELIZABETH' on the final exam festival and graduated.
The band fell apart and from this year she’s playing solo with a new name, DANA LEWU, and travels to share her music, which can be best described as alternative pop.

At the moment Dana is based in Zürich, Switzerland. 


Vocals, Guitar, Piano | Dana Leeuwenburgh

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