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by Dana Lewu

 Dana Lewu & Pablo Albornoz, Zürich CH

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Sun 22 Sept Oogstfeest op de Zonnebloem, Winterswijk (NL)




Sat 17 Nov Theater de Storm, Winterswijk (NL)

Sat 18 Aug        Private concert, Zürich (CH) 

Thu 16 Aug        Albishaus, Zürich (CH) 

Sun 13 May        Gasterij Ankommn, Winterswijk (NL)*more info on FB page soon*

Sat 12 May        Lunchroom Effe Anders, Winterswijk (NL)

Sun 06 May        de Kapel, Voorst (NL) 

Sun 11 Mar        Gluren bij de Buren Festival, Zutphen (NL) 

Fri 23 Feb        Livingroom concert (more info on FB page), Zürich (CH) 

Thu 15 Feb        Mindful Concert NOW meditation Studio, Zürich (CH)

Wed 31 Jan        Open Mic show PLAZA BAR, Zürich (CH)

Fri 12 Jan        Private event, Zürich (CH) 



Fri 24 Nov        YOGA NOW, Zürich (CH) *more info on FB page* 

Sat 05 Nov        Bar Münster, Zürich (CH) *more info on FB page* 

Sat 04 Nov        Food Festival, Zürich (CH) *more info on FB page*  

Sat 21 Okt        Private Festival, Ibiza (ES) 

Thu 30 Mar        See bistro Luz, Lucerne (CH) *with Katharina Busch*

Wed 08 Mar        Bamyan Ski club Bar, St Moritz (CH) 

Tue 07 Mar        Bamyan Ski club Bar, St Moritz (CH)

Fri 03 Mar        Langstrasse Kultur, Zürich (CH)

Wed 01 Mar        Art Gallery, Zürich (CH) 

Thu 09 Feb        Opening Restaurant Gärtnerei, Zürich (CH) 

Sun 15 Jan        Ruxi Balea Photography Studio, Zürich (CH)



Wed  21  Dec      Open mic show Plaza bar, Zürich (CH) 

Thu  17  Nov       Livingroom concert, Stäfa (CH)

Sat  06 Nov       Streetfood days, Uster (CH) 

Sun  05 Nov       Streetfood days, Uster (CH)  

The  29 Sep       Livingroom concert (in train carriage), Zürich (CH) 

Sat  24 Sep       Private concert, Zürich (CH) 

Fri  05 Aug       Wasserschloss Hagenwil, Hagenwil (CH) 

Sun  03 juli      Private event, Zürich (CH) 

Wed  29 june      Private event, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  11 june       Rooftop Event Ronorp, Zürich (CH)

Wed  05 june      Craft Fair & Flea market, Zürich (CH)

Sat  01 june      Barfüssbar, Zürich (CH) 

Thu  21 Apr       Opening event restaurant, Zürich (CH)

Tue  12 Apr       Devi's bar, Zürich (CH) 

Fri  08 Apr       GM Leimbach, Zürich (CH)

Fri  03 apr       Urban Bike Festival, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  02 apr       Urban Bike Festival, Zürich (CH) 

Sun  01 apr       Urban Bike Festival, Zürich (CH)

Sat  19 mar       Polibar, Zürich (CH) 

Wed  17  feb      Restaurant Almazen, Monte hermoso (ARG) 

Sat  13  feb      Livingroom concert, Bahia Blanca (ARG) 

Sat  13  feb      Private concert during workshop, Bahia Blanca (ARG)

Thu  11  feb      Bar & restaurant Racer, Olavarria (ARG) 

Mon  08  feb      Dorego Cocina de Mercado, Olavarria (ARG) 

Tour 28 jan       Gotthard bar, Zürich (CH) 

Tue  26 jan       Langstars, Zürich (CH)

Sat  16 jan       Polibar, Zürich (CH)

Fru  15 jan       Baryton bar, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  02 jan       Private concert, Zürich (CH) * with Eddie crossroad * 



Sat  19 dec       Polibar, Zürich (CH) 

Fri  27 nov       Private concert, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  21 nov       BALKONY TV, Zürich (CH) * video shoot *

Thu  19 nov       Polibar, Zürich

Wed  18 nov       Plaza bar, Zürich (CH) * open mic show *

Tue  17 nov       Private concert, Zürich (CH) 

Mon  16 nov       Platzhirsch hotel, Zürich (CH) * with Eddie crossroad *

Sat  14 nov       Caffeteria Kalkbreite, Zürich (CH) * Dutch pancake event *

Thu  12 nov       Private concert, Zürich (CH) 

Wed  11 nov       Private concert, Zürich (CH)

Sun  08 nov       Streetfood festival, Uster (CH)

Sat  07 nov       Streetfood festival, Uster (CH) 

Fri  06 nov       Wandeb bar, Zürich (CH) 

Sun  01 nov       Wohnzimmerbar, Zürich (CH) 

Sun  01 nov       Streetfood festival, Winterthur (CH)

Thu  29 oct       Polibar, Zürich (CH) 

Wed  28 oct       Gärtnerei event, Zürich (CH)

Tue  20 oct       Caffeteria Kalkbreite, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  10 oct       Privat concert (wedding), Zürich (CH) 

Thu  08 oct       Privat concert, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  29 aug       Playa del comte, Ibiza (ES) 

Fri  28 aug       Musset bar, Ibiza (ES)

Tue  25 aug       Baryton bar, Zürich (CH) 

Sat  15 aug       Privat concert, Zürich (CH) * with Eddie crossroad *

Fri  14 aug       Privat concert, Zürich (CH) * with Eddie crossroad * 

Sat  01 aug       Livingroom concert, Zürich (CH) * with Eddie crossroad *

Sat  25 july      Balboa, Zürich (CH)

Thu  23 july      Garden concert, Zürich (CH)

Thu  16 july      Livingroom concert, Zürich (CH)

Sat  04 july      Restaurant Pickles & burgers, Utrecht (NL) 











Dana Leeuwenburgh is born and raised in Winterswijk, a small town in the east of The Netherlands.
At the age of eleven she started playing a few tones on the guitar and made her first song.
From that moment music would be always present in her life.

To develop this passion for music and creativity, Dana spend her childhood at the Waldorfschool, until the age of nineteen.

After high school she went to study music at the Artez Popacademy in Enschede, but it was too theoretical for her and decided to continue studying music at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, where there was lots of space for creativity and exploring different styles of music.

In 2014 she graduated and went to South Germany to spend some months in an Ashram. There she reconnected with the beauty of small and intimate songs. Just her and the guitar.

She wanted to travel through Europe to play on the streets during summer but did’'t make it farther than the first destination; Zürich.
There she lived for almost three years and gave concerts in Zwitserland and other countries like Germany, Spain, Argentina.

Dana’s songs are intimate, sometimes dark and mysterious with dreamy melodies which makes them full of contrast. Just as life.
Her music could be best described as Alternative pop.

Dana is now based in the Netherlands.

Vocals, Guitar, Piano | Dana Leeuwenburgh

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